Friday, January 15, 2010


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Kaushik said...

Bill Gates

has a daughter named Phoebe Adele gates,

The Simpsons (February 15, 1998) (Season 9, Episode 5F11) — Bill Gates comes to "buy" Homer Simpson's Internet company CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet.

A Harvard dropout

Donno the "Denial Twist connnection

Avikshith Shetty said...

@kaushik: woah...i dono d ryt answer n don even know if ur ryt bt seriously HATS OFF 2 u 4 ur splendid answer..Too Good..;)

Abhiram M K said...

nice try man kaushik ... but the denial twist doesnt hold good . the answer i was looking for is ' Conan O Brian' . He is a harvard graduate and he was one of the initial screen writers for the simpsons . he had a long time ralationship with lisa kudrow who played the part of phoebe buffay. and in his previos show , late night with conan o brian , he once lashed out against meg white . as a truce between them , he appears in the video of the denial twist . the last part of the question was badly framed .. but awesome try man .