Friday, January 15, 2010


connect WITH FUNDA !!


Kaushik said...

Swami Prabhpada, founder of Iskcon, Eric Clapton, Beatles Penguins and walrus

Connection is Betales, or more specifically George Harrison - who was ISKCON member, put a "hare rama hare krishna sticker on Clapton's guitar, is shown as one of the Beatles penguins and "I am the Walrus song" in 1967

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something 2 do with the Copenhagen Summit??!!


damn i've seen those penguins pic...its so very familiar!!! crap forgot!:x strongly feel its gotta do with the copenhagen summit!!

Abhiram M K said...

nice try kaushik .. but i wouldnt make it so easy by putting up swami prabhupada's picture there . although you could associate this connect differently , the penguin picture gives us a unique answer . the answer is the hare krishna mantra composed by swami prabhupada . in the song ' i am the walrus ' by the beatles , the elementary penguins sing the hare krishna mntra . The last picture is that of eric clapton with his gibson guitar . by popular beliefs , george harrison pasted a hare krishna sticker on the back of clapton's guitar . Eversince , the limited series clapton gibson guitar is manufactures with the hare krishna mantra sticker on its back .

@avi : yea da ... these penguins were displayed at copenhagen ... in tribute to abbey road whatever !!