Sunday, January 10, 2010

Connect. Kinda whacky...outta d place question...requires a bit too much of thinking but seriously worth start thinking..;)


Harshvardhan Agrawal said...

Is the answer Vibrant Gujrat

Kaushik said...

Connection is Amar Singh.

Amar Singh will act as a Home Minister in the forthcoming Bollywood film “Charge Sheet” which is directed by Dev Anand.

He was also holds the position of director of Indian Airlines, State Bank of India and National Textiles Corporation.

Guru connection can be twofold - friendship with the Bachchans, also friendship with Anil Ambani, Dhiru (Guru) Bhai's son

Also there is the small matter of Dev Anand "launching" Anil's wife, Tina

Bala said...

dev anand, air india(air bus380?), guru, SBI!!
mani ratnam?

Avikshith Shetty said...

ANS: TATA (MAHARAJA - Dev Anand EVERGREEN HERO,Muppet of INDIAN AIRLINES, GURU FILM - Based on DHIRU BHAI Maharaja in Business, SBI Maharaja in Banks).

Bt i must say..a very very GOOD try by Kaushik.:)