Sunday, January 17, 2010


X is designed by a mechanism called Y. the design is such that it reduces the magnus lift there by facilitating a better aerodynamic structure .It is created using 8 thermally bonded spherical 3-d panels ( EVA and TPU ) there by allowing X to retain its structure and aerodynamics . X was recently tested commercially and as per critics , it is a huge success . On completion of manufacturing , X is verified for water retention , wrinkle formation , rebound and pressure loss . Id X and Y


Anurag said...

Cricket Ball??

Kaushik said...

The Match Ball for the 2010 Fifa World Cup -X, Y- ‘Grip n Groove’ technology

Abhiram M K said...

yea ... it is the Adidas Jabulani , the official ball of the 2010 fifa wc .. and Y is the grip n groove technology .