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Id the map/get the pattern.. :

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Id her. Whats really unusual about her?

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1. 'Women Against Lazy Stubble' is whose campaign?
2. Which company was started as High Tech Computer Corporation?

a) "We advertised on Berlin Wall just before it was dismantled"; b) 'Labour Isn't Working.' Got it? The person in the picture holds half the answer!

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X was invented by Y. Once a rubber ball was bouncing underneath a table and X tried to fetch it while it was bouncing . Usually X would have been reprimanded for disturbing activities when there was company in the house, as there was then. But this time his manner of fetching the ball created an uproar of laughter from his mother's friends. Stooping with full-bended knees, but with his back and head vertical, he managed to fit under the tabletop while scooting forward reaching for the ball. This squatting manner was requested by members of the family many times thereafter for the entertainment of visitors and soon, from their appreciation and encouragement,X looked forward to the ritual.  Soon after it was forgotten , X remembered it during a show . Identify X and Y .


ID this guy. He was in news just a day back. Why ?

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hehe.. whats the good word??.

There are several theories about the origin of the term "X" . The Sicilian adjective may derive from the slang Arabic mahyas (مهياص), meaning "aggressive boasting, bragging", or marfud مرفوض meaning "rejected". Roughly translated, it means "swagger", but can also be translated as "boldness, bravado". In reference to a man, it signified a bully, arrogant but also fearless, enterprising, and proud. In reference to a woman, however, the adjective meant beautiful and attractive.

The word made its first official appearance in 1865 in a report by the prefect of Palermo, Filippo Antonio Gualterio.

ID the place..simple one..


connect : ( its an exhaustive list .. and in the last pic that shows the 2 men standing beside each other , the one on the left is of significance )


X's nickname Y,is a common term of endearment of the name X in portugese. In Y's case, it was evolved from his younger brother Rodrigo who had the inability it pronounce X, thereby calling him Z. In due time Z evolved into the Y we are familiar with. ID Y .


This band (X) genre is "Chill out", "Flamenco","pop".
It consists of members of same family being band members.
Band members' father name is Juan Munoz. He is also known as "__________"(Y)
As a tribute to him the band is name X.
Their most famous song is released in two versions. One being English and the other being their native language(standard language, not tribe and all).

Lyrics from the english version are as follows.
"I said a hip hop, ...............................
.............................., a you don't stop
the rockin' to the bang .................."
(Song be Z)

Gimme X,Y,Z.

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Just connect these two pics. Not an elaborate connect.

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BIZzing.. the news...pretty simple i guess.!

In Bloom prelims questions

These are the questions from 'In Bloom' , Christ University fest .

1) The Maple Leaf , Kruger Rand , American Eagle are the most famous types of what ?

2) Manuel Zelayaa was the president if which country when he was deposed by an internal coup and exiled? The ensuing crisis created a rather weird diplomatic alliance of nations against the coup conspirators .

3) Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 . Who was the last sitting US president to win the Nobel Peace Prize ?

4) Name the advanced radar system that India purchased from Israel for $1.1 billion .

5)The burial site of St.Thyagaraja along the banks of the river Kaveri is the site for a famous and legendary music festival . Id the place .

6) Mercury, the Roman god used a pair of odd looking footware called the Talaria to aid him in travel. Which company borrows its logo from Talaria ?

7) X is the author of the book Il Milione. X dictated the book to his fellow inmate ,Rustichello, in jail. His epitaph reads " I have only told the half of what i saw ! " . Id X .

8) X was the largest freestanding dome in the world for almost 1800 years.  A part of the structure uses a small portion from an earlier construction commissioned by Marcus Agrippa , but its design of a perfect sphere was designed by emperor Hadrian . Id X .

9) This 1954 book detalis the accounts of a certain Cuban named Santiago while he struggles with a large marlin on a fishing expedition . This book won th Pulitzer prize in 1953 and the Nobel Prize in 1954, becoming one of the shortest books to ever achieve this . Id the book .

10 ) He was the first president of the Indian Youth Congress in 1969. He served in several key portfolios including External Affairs, Finance and Industries. He was a key contender for post of prime minister in the 1990's but lost out to Narasimha Rao, and eventually leading him to create a splinter group of the COngress with Arjun SIngh. Who ?

11) This word was coined around the 1730's to describe the philosophy of Lebnitz who beleived the word is as good as it could get. Id the word which is derived from the Latin word for 'best' .

12) What is the common thread to the etymologies of the nation names - Philippines , Bolivia and Mauritius ?

13) This great tennis player was the runner-up in 4 Wimbledon finals - 1954 , 1956 , 1970 and 1974 .Who ?

14) In Homer's Odessey , Athena takes the guise of a trusted counselor of Ulysses to guide his son Telemachus encouraging him to look for his father who went to war. The form Athena took is a common english term today used in similar context to the actions she performed .ID the word .

15)The Pledge , Crossing Guard, Indian Runner and Into the Wild are movies directed by which oscar winning actor ?

16) A terrorist group seeking independence for WHICH oil rich region of Angola attackedthe Togo national football team in the recent past ?

17) This instrument is made from wood of the Accha tree. Ir is composed of 3 parst viz. kuzhal , thimuru and the anasu . Which instrument ?

18) In 1905 Muthuswami Mudaliar for Ooty setup a business by preparing butter an coffee powder and organizing home deliveries . He opened his first shop in 1936 and shortly thereafter shifted base entirelyto Bangalore . Id the store.

19) There was only one student in the room , who was bending over a distant table absorbed in his work. At the sound of our steps he glanced around and sprang to his feet with a cry of pleasure," I've found it ! I've found it !", he shouted .....running towards us with a test tube in his hand." I have found a reagent which is precipitated by heamoglobin and nothing else" . Whose first appearance ?

20) Which 1860's novel provides the most famous literary account of the BAttle of Borodino between France and Russia ?


X is designed by a mechanism called Y. the design is such that it reduces the magnus lift there by facilitating a better aerodynamic structure .It is created using 8 thermally bonded spherical 3-d panels ( EVA and TPU ) there by allowing X to retain its structure and aerodynamics . X was recently tested commercially and as per critics , it is a huge success . On completion of manufacturing , X is verified for water retention , wrinkle formation , rebound and pressure loss . Id X and Y

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ID the british racing driver. How do we better know him?

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connect :


connect WITH FUNDA !!


Just give the funda .


Simple. Just Id the graph.( CLue right in the pic )

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1. Which Indian has been roped in to be the brand ambassador of Herbalife’s nutrition and energy range of products?

2. “Most people don’t know this, but I have done a television ad for Liberty shoes. I looked really ugly in it. All I did was to wear my Puma t-shirt and football shorts and jump. They are the first sports shoes made in India and I was their first model. The second ad I did a Pan Parag kind of product, but it never really took off in the market.” Who said this?

3. Significance of this picture..

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1. Working for the General Electric Research Laboratory, Nobel laureate Irving Langmuir and his assistant researcher and technician, Vincent Joseph Schaefer, began an intensive study of precipitation and its causes. This lead to a very useful invention, name the invention?

2. Identify the advertiser

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Connect. Kinda whacky...outta d place question...requires a bit too much of thinking but seriously worth start thinking..;)


Saddist question.. Who is the personlaity in question?


Easy one to start: "I was born in Mumbai in the illustrious Patel family. My Grandfather was the renowned lawyer-politician Barrister Rajni Patel who was the Congress Pradesh Committee President of Bombay”. Who am I?

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Pretty simple one:
The first issue of what was published on 22 March 1890 from the press owned by Malankara Metropolitan H.G. Joseph Mar Dionysius of the Orthodox Church?
P.S. I appreciate people if they don't Google this one

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Suraj prabhu type question..
Easy-pesy stuff... Id the ad :P