Thursday, December 24, 2009




Kumar Shaurya said...

R.E.M. as in Rapid Eye Motion?
The graph is for analyzing eye movements durin sleep/stages of sleep.
R.E.M. made the title track of friends (All the right friends), and sesame street had a REM guest appearance

Abhiram M K said...

The graph like image is actually a voltage graph that depicts the transition to a mental state of REM. Before 'The Remembrandt' composed their hit song ' I'll be there for you' , a song called 'Shiny happy people' by REM was tipped to be the theme song for the famous sitcom 'Friends'. Since the song was relegated from the option of theme song to an OST of 'Friends' , REM composed another song called 'Happy furry monsters'(same tune as shiny happy people) which became the theme song for ' Sesame street' for a certain period of time.