Friday, December 4, 2009


For the first time.. on may 16 1929 X was first conducted in this hotel..
Due to large section of personalities involved and participating the venue had to be changed for the second time which X was held.. Whats X and ID the place..(Y)


Unknown said...

oscar awards--x
ambassador hotel--y


Unknown said...

X: The Academy Awards aka the Oscars
Y: The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood
The venue has now been shifted to the Kodak Theatre

Trisha Gopalakrishna said...

academy awards.i don't know the place

Chase of A Blackbuck said...

Roosevelt Hotel(Los angles) is famous for hosting of 1st Academy Award ceremony in 1929. Second time the ceremony was hosted by The Ambassador Hotel(Los Angeles).

Chaitanya said...

Academy awards

Unknown said...

academy awards