Monday, November 16, 2009

wazzat ..part 2 !!!

The X GUI was designed by technical consultant Michael Okuda . The original design concept was influenced by a request from 'Y' that the "windows" not have a great deal of activity on them. This minimalized look was designed to give a sense that the technology  was highly advanced . As of now , you could say that Y , Timothy Leary , Gerard o Neil and Krafft Ehricke all sleep together . ID X and Y . 


Harsh said...


Mrinalini said...

X=LCARS (from StarTrek)
Y=Gene Roddenberry

Nitin.G. said...

ie., Library Comp Access Retrieval System. He's the creator of Star Trek.
And Y is Gene Roddenberry.

All those guys sleep together, means, their ashes have been spaced.

Abhiram M K said...

bull's eye ... full points to you