Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i cant think of a title :P

connect :



Abhiram M K said...

the answer is unusual software bugs. these bugs were designed to do a special type of hacking , much like the type of bugs that hacked the cern website . these bugs were dubbed
1) schrodingbug ( after erwin schrodinger ) and they had the unusual property that they were both detected and not detected by different firewalls.
2) heisenbug ( after werner heisenberg ) - their location and activity would remain 'uncertain' in a particular data domain .
3) mandlebug ( after benoit mandlebrot ) - they would redund data by simply making numerous duplicates of them from the same source ( somewhat similar to the mandlebrot fractal ) , thus making it wasy to hack
4) boh-bug ( after niels bohr ) - these bugs , once in a particular domain would have no known methods of being traced . hence a parallel connection between his principle of quantisation of states wherein an electron would not emit energy if it is in its ground state

Abhiram M K said...
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