Sunday, October 18, 2009

the quest for the greatest

connect and give funda ( its not indiana jones ... think out of the box )


Sharmavardhan said...

is it about the famous archaeologist otto rahn?! jus a guess .. as seen in history channel..

he was used by hitler to retrieve the holy grail..

Abhiram M K said...

ans : otto rahn . otto rahn traced the holy grail to the castle of montseguer(pic1) , where he died mysteriously . pic2 is a depection of the last supper , and is the basis for many ' holy grail ' myths . pic 3 is harrison ford playing the role of indiana jones . indiana jones was based on the life of otto rahn . the fifth pic is a sattire of the incident when otto rahn turned up with viking treasures instead of the grail . the last pic is that of the ss , under whom otto rahn worked .

Sharmavardhan said...

yay !