Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Connect .. !
Long one..


Moontails said...

all have been featured in a comic book.

NKOB said...

Places have been named after these ppl/things.
Batman- a City in Turkey
Gandhi- Gandhinagar
Francis Forbes- Forbes city in Australia
Charles Darwin- Darwin a port on northern australia
Phoenix a mythological character.. also a place in Arizona
Barrack Obama- Obama is a place in Japan
Columbus- Name inspired for country name Columbia..
Athena- Greek myth character.. Athens named after her..
Aurangzeb- Aurangabad named after him..
Hyundai Tucson.. Tucson, Arizona

Vinay Bhushan said...

Obama, the place is Japan is not really named "after" President Barack Obama. It pre-dates Barack Obama. It means "little beach" in Japanese.

NKOB said...

Okay fine... pretty vague connect..
Din mean exactly that..