Sunday, August 9, 2009


Some more Textual Teasers..!:P

1.The bible tells us that on the hebrews day of atonement, aaron symbolically laid the sins of the people on the herd of a goat and sent it into the wilderness.At the same time that this was going on, a second goat was sacrificed to the lord. Tindale a 16th century translator of the old testament rendered the passage in this way: "And Aaron cast lottes over the gootes one lotte for the lorde and another for a X..Whats the good word?

2.This company was first named "Ideal" and then changed over to its current name..
The products they manufacture after being quality tested contain a blue dot..
The name itself means blue dot in german.
Which company?

3.a)Whats the turkish name for an eating establishment?
b)The turkish name for a holy meeting place is?


ครђเรh said...


Rohan said...

1.scapegoat (the goat that bears the sins of the people)
3.a)my guess is restaurant
nice questions btw

NKOB said...

3)a. Cafe not restaurant.
All correct except this.

saucy soliloquies said...

what's holy meeting place called?and are u sure about Cafe being turkish?thought it was french,like resturant..