Thursday, August 6, 2009


Happy to know that we have 1200 hits(almost!)..Starting from this day ...for a period of four weeks its gonna be series of Textual questions..(Etymology basically)
3 questions will be posted at once for which the answers will be given out day after..!
So Get Cracking!

1.In Iceland in an area of about 2 square miles there are approximately a hundred hotsprings that have been a source of wonder to men for centuries.The icelandic name for such a spring is "hver".. the largest of the group however has been named X, and from this came our english word Y, the literal meaning of X is Gusher. Id X and Y.

2.Octavian,(born in sept) the first roman emporer, was a nephew of julius Caesar and longed to gain the fame and power of his uncle..he wanted among other things to have X named after him..that being the most succesful X in his life..this X literally means Weed X
But in earlier days weed meant greenery in general..!

3.What Unique distinction does John Travlota Hold in Hollywood?(with respect to other actors)


Rohan said...

1-Geysir,geyser guess would be the month August
3-he has a pilot's license and a boeing 707.he's also a scientologist

NKOB said...

Correct..the second one is "Month"