Sunday, July 18, 2010


Pic 2 is a still from X. In a way X is inspired by film(Pic1) "Y".
Was Ist das?


Trish said...

ok 'Y' is the old taking of pelham 123, i really can't make out the still ( i think i need spectacles!)

Ameya said...

The taking of Pehlam 123

NKOB said...

First pic is TAking of pelham 123 and the second one is Reservoir Dogs.

The idea of characters in Reservoir dogs named after color is taken from the Taking of pelham 123 where the four hijackers did not know about each others past and would not know anything else after they get the ransom they had demanded for.

The characters in Taking of pelham 123 are so named after the color of hats worn by each of them. :)

KNR said...

taking of pelham 123 , the main characters named after colours .