Tuesday, April 13, 2010

le paranormale

There are a number of stories which suggest paranormal activity at X.
One well-known case is that of Captain G Donner, who commanded the ________ . Whilst returning from Pennsylvania, the ship made course westward. It was slow going due to late-spring ice floes, but the ship was making steady progress toward its destination in Wisconsin, when Donner disappeared.
On the night of April 28, 1937, the captain took to his cabin, with instructions to be awakened as the ship drew near to port. About three hours later, nearing  Wisconsin ,a crew member appeared at the captain's cabin to awake him, but found no one. He and the crew searched the ship, but the captain was nowhere to be seen. The mate reported that the cabin door was locked from the inside, adding to the mystery of the triangle.
The story was allegedly first reported in the 29 April 1937.

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Anonymous said...

are you talking about the Bermuda Triangle?