Monday, September 21, 2009

Id the players and put funda...(full marks for both answers only!)

try it ppl!...


Unknown said...

they were named european footballer of the year 3 times

gautam dn said...

1) Platini
2) Van Basten
3) The GREAT Cryuff
Connect- The only 3 guys to have won the European footballer of the year thrice

karun said...

michel platini
marco van basten
johan cruyff

3 time winners of european footballer of the year

Vijay said...

1- michelle platini
2- marco van basten
3- johann cryuff

all 3 hold the record for winning european footballer of the year THRICE

Unknown said...

platini, van basten and cruyff...all of them have d record for winning d european footballer of d year 3 times..

BVM quizzers said...

platini,marco van basten,johann cryuff

connect-european footballer of the year 3 times


Unknown said...

The players are Michel Platini, Marco Van Basten and Johan Cruyff and the distinction they hold is that they have been anmed european Footballer of the Year 3 times each.

Unknown said...

1. michel platini
2. marco van baasten
3. johann cryuff

they won the uefa champions league both as a player and as manager